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  • Rotary Club of USJ

     Rotary Club of USJ

    Rotary International District 3300, Malaysia

  • Rotary Club of USJ1

    Rotary Club of USJ

    Handover Imm. Past President Tan to President 2017-18 Ng Yee Leung

  • Rotary Club of USJ2

    Rotary Club of USJ

    Learn@Rotary a Permanent Computer Literacy project, both Classroom and Online.

About us

Rotary Club of Utara Subang Jaya (USJ) was chartered in 1999 under the Rotary International District 3300, Malaysia.


Since the inception the club has been proactive in the community by providing several community wellness programs including Education, Adult Literacy, Drinking Water to Children, Food to the needy, Health Camps Etc.,


Some of the notable projects carried out so far include:


Providing scholarships to 64 Children, every year for the past 5 years.

Distribution of 60,000 dictionaries to school children in English-Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

Providing computer lab to Rumah Hope with 10 Laptops and full-fledged computer room.

Providing drinking water facilities to 24 schools in Selangor.

Providing Computer education to 100 senior citizens, 80 Single Mothers and more than 1000 children in the past few years.

Participation in Club Foot Project along with Klang Hospital and Rotary Subang.


Rotary USJ constitutes of like-minded professionals, business men from various sectors and classifications. We manage our own computer center at Subang Jaya. Computer center is supported by our own funds and the premise is provided by MPSJ (a local council). In the past years Rotary USJ has bagged several awards and also recognition from the local council.

Rotary Club of USJ

C/O D'Tandoor Restaurant (Subang),

7, SS15/5A, (Opp SJMC Subang)

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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