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+60-16 3152611

  • Rotary Club of USJ

     Rotary Club of USJ

    Rotary International District 3300, Malaysia

  • Rotary Club of USJ1

    Rotary Club of USJ

    Handover Imm. Past President Tan to President 2017-18 Ng Yee Leung

  • Rotary Club of USJ2

    Rotary Club of USJ

    Learn@Rotary a Permanent Computer Literacy project, both Classroom and Online.

Board of Directors - Rotary Year 2017/18


NG nagesh1 Basil Valarie Looi2
Ng Yee Leung - President PP Nagesh - Secretary  Basil Lourdes - Treasurer Valarie - President Elect

 KK Looi - Vice President



Tan  Immediate Past President
Angie Goh  Member
Amir Santiago  Past President 
Beverly  Member
Basil Lourdes  Treasurer
Valarie Lourdes  President Elect
Dato' Jimmy Lim  Past President
Jeroen Hendriks  Past President
KK Looi  Past President/Treasurer
Lawrence KM Chew  Immediate Past President
Ng Yee Leung  Secretary
 Past President/Secretary & IAG
Datuk' Dr. Subramaniam  Past President



Rotary Club of USJ

C/O D'Tandoor Restaurant (Subang),

7, SS15/5A, (Opp SJMC Subang)

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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